Alte Post - Whiskeybar

...these lines were sung by Jim Morrison of the legendary rock band The Doors way back in 1967. If you are also looking for it, you should stop by the Alte Post in Klosters. A secret tip.

Prince Charles loves it. Frank Sinatra even took a bottle of it to his grave. And cult cowboy John Wayne would probably not have become a legend without it. No wonder: whisky fascinates. Kai Kröger, the bartender of the Alte Post in Klosters, is also a whisky lover. He describes his favourite drop as follows: “very strong banana, beautiful vanilla almond and in the finish a little coconut.” He is talking about a «Grainman matured for 30 years in a sweet wine barrel. This is one of around 100 selected varieties to choose from. Whisky tasting is a must here. By the way, those who don′t like whisky will also get their money′s worth in the Alte Post: the bartender knows how to mix over 100 different cocktails. Hotel

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